Fields of works

The World Tech company had been established in 1994 in Homs (the Syrian city ). WORLD TECH CO. specialist in networks - telecommunications - alarms - surveillance systems- & exchange systems and have a good experience for executing the telecommunication projects, like as wire & wireless,microwave , fiber optic networks, PC networks projects. World Tech Co. had got good name among Syrian telecom companies, and was ideal for cooparation with these companies like : NTM & Syriatel the GSM operators in Syria , and another international telecom companies like as : Huawei ( China ) , Intracom ( Greece ) , Ericsson ( sweden ) , Intrakat ( Greece ), Iritel ( Serbia ) ,Siemens ( Germany ) and Syrian Telecom Establishment STE the land telephone lines operator in Syria. World Tech Co. Get many experiance certificates by international telecom companies , and World Tech Co. is prideful with its engineers and technicians whose have experiance certificate from telecom international companies like as : Siemens (Germany) , Cisco (USA), Ericsson (Sweden) , ZTE (China), Marconi (Italy) , Nera (Norway) ..... etc.